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Web site advertising and marketing services.

One of the most difficult parts of running, and growing your business is creating an effective marketing plan. The basics need to understood before an effective advertiting and marketing campaign along with SEO search engine optimixation of your web site can be done. We firmly believe this is the first step to being successful on achieveing good placement in Yahoo! and Goolge.

It used to be easy in the "old days" of the 80's and 90's.. Just place an ad in the local paper, put spots on the radio station that fit your customer demographics, and from time to time, run a TV ad on the local station ( if you have one).

Diffusion is the marketing killer.
There are 3 forms of diffusion effecting the ability to market your business.

First:Diffusion of media.
Today there are many more forms of advertising competing for the attention of your customers. People have become numb to most advertising forms.

  • direct mail
  • "spam"
  • telemarketers
  • specialty free publications (advertising driven papers like classified, real estate, shopping guides)
  • cable / satellite TV
  • dozens of new radio stations
  • point of purchase display

Plus Diffusion on the Internet

  • Multiple Search Engines
  • Spam web sites and email
  • New media sources
    • Web sites
    • Blogs
    • Forums
    • Utube
    • Portals
    • Social Networking Sites like Digg or
    • RSS applications and feeds.
These new forms of advertising have diffused the effectiveness of all advertising. It is extremely difficult to get a person's attention much less expect them to remember anything about your business.

Second: Diffusion of income:
In addition the single income household has all but disappeared. It used to be if you reached the Mom, that is all you had to do, because she controlled the budget and spent most of the money. In most homes both spouses hold down full time employment and in the past few years, many children are starting jobs at the age of 15, creating even more decision makers for the money spent from the discretionary budget of a family. This divides the demographics of your customer bas even more. for example if your business sells a product or a service that may appeal to a wide age demographic, it is almost impossible to find a single effective form of advertising that can reach them all.

Third: Diffusion of Time:
Since there are more people working in a family there is less time spend with any form of media. People are looking for quick easy ways of getting information, and making purchasing decisions. People of all ages are spending more time with internet based services than ever before. Since the wide spread availability of broadband internet they are finding that the best way to get information on purchasing decisions to look it up on the net.

In today's sound bite world there are few mediums that let you present the whole image of your business and give a complete profile of your products and services. To cut through you need to have a catchy or easy to remember web site name so they can find you. If you focus all your marketing on promoting your web site than once you get a potential buyer at the site they can get the information they need to become a customer. Also your existing customers will find your business easier to work with than your competitors who do not have a well thought out web site.

A well thought out web site is what we specialize in helping your business to accomplish.
To find out more see our about us page.

The second biggest issue is content. Content is information that is relevant to the interest of the customer.
Your web site should provide all the information needed to help a customer know the essentials to doing business with you. For Realtors we assist in providing content for your website. From dynamically generated Real Estate searches to information of towns you do business in, we can help find the information you need to have a robust web presence.

Know your place! What are your strengths and weakness, and how do you fit in the market!
To find out ask yourself and your current customers who do regular business these questions.

First: why should someone do business with you, and not your competitor. These are your strengths.

Second: why do others choose your competition over you. These are your weaknesses.

Try to get objective feedback, not what you want to hear. The answers to these 2 questions will give you an idea of where you fit in your market place.

Now with this information you can target the strengths of your market position, and focus on the customer base that is most likely to do business with you. Target the content of the website to suit their needs.

The biggest mistake in all marketing is not understanding and targeting your core market. If you find your business have more than one core or target market than you really have more than one business operating under the same name. Each aspect of the business should be handled by its own marketing plan and a separate web site for each is appropriate.

For Example, in real estate you have Sellers and Buyers, the wants and needs of each are completely different. Each should be handled separately.


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