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About Business Services Consultants.

B.S.C. offers an unique opportunity for business owners to find all the services they need to be successful using the internet as a marketing tool.

We have access to over 300 consultants specializing in a diverse area of expertise.

As Principal of Business Services Consultants Clifton McNaughton has an extensive background in advertising and marketing
with over 20 years of selling, training, consulting for businesses. Also Clifton has taken the Real Estate Training to become a
NH or VT Real Estate Agent. He understands the rules, and relationship of buyers and sellers, and how this effects the marketing of
your web presence.

Clifton was General Sales Manager for Vox radio group ( A group of 8 radio stations in Northern New England.)
Over 30 years of management experience in running businesses and sales staffs.
4 years as owner of an ISP. Turnpike Technologies
8 years as owner of a successful retail internet store
Fully trained in all aspects of tcp/ip network protocols including cisco routers, and microsoft networks
Capable of managing linux operating systems. ( we own and operate all our servers)
Expert in PHP, MYSQL based web applications.
Staff consultants include experts in python and database integration.

A Note from Clif to potential new clients.

The BSC difference.

#1 difference is I look at all my client relationships as a long term partnership. We (you the client and myself) are in it to win it. I am here to help and guide you with
my experience, and with my creativity. This is why I take only a small number of clients that want to become the dominate player in their principal market. Most of my
Real Estate Clients are still achieving growth in their sales during these hard times. If you are looking to use the internet as your principal tool in growing your business
then we should talk. If you are looking to have a website because everyone else has one and you want to "keep up with the Joneses" then BSC is NOT the best choice for you.
I believe that it is a battle to keep up with the changes in the market and changes in the search engines, and to do it requires concentration and dedication. I promise you will
get these from BSC, and we will make your website successful at growing your business.

With my background in advertising and marketing combined with the technical skills I am able to offer a different approach to website creation.

First I talk with you to understand your goals. As a business owner I know that the path to success is having a path to walk on. If you don't know where you want to go? How will you ever get there. So we will have a conversation of defining short term and long term goals, and where the internet can assist in getting you there.

Second we will establish you broad and niche markets for you website. For example a broad market would be southern NH real estate. A niche would be Nashua NH Condos.

Third we will talk demographics, first time buyers, step up buyers, second home buyers, retirement investors for few examples. Each has unique needs and if you create a website to appeal to all demographics you will most likely reach non of them.

Fourth we will research the internet market for the competition for your geographic and demographic goals. We have several powerful research systems that have proven to be accurate in painting a picture of the competition for your site.

Fifth we analyze the competition that are already successfully achieving top results for their websites that match you primary market, and determine what my be lacking that we can do better. We also look at all the common elements and we are careful to include them in your site.

Only after we have done all these steps will BSC start to build your site.

We have the experience to create a site that achieves high results in the search engines, not trying to fool the search engines in to high placement. We achieve high placement because our sites deserve it. This means once achieved the chance of maintaining it is great.

Burlington Vermont Homes achieved #1 for all his targets within 6 months ( this site was already established) and has stayed #1 for over 2 years.

This does not happen with a build it and forget it strategy.
We contract to work on your site EXCLUSIVLY for your primary market for at least 10 hours per month.
We analyze the traffic to your site, and how it is getting there.
We analyze use patterns, what pages they came to the site first, what pages they look at and what pages they exit the site if they do not send an inquiry.
We are always in the process of marketing your site and improving it.

We offer suggestions for marketing your business and advice on the use of other media such as print advertising, and pay per click internet advertising.

With BSC you get the ability to focus on your clients, and let us feed you new prospects daily.

BSC offers a unique approach to using the internet to build your business, regardless if you are in real estate or retail, we have the understanding of your industry to make you successful.


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