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Upper Valley IT services.
Business Services Consultants makes it easy to get all your IT done.

Service and Maintenance Installation and upgrade for all types of hardware and networks.

No company to small. We can help with a simple setup to a complete MicroSoft Small Business Server network.

Your web site is a small investment that will pay off for years to come.
People use their computer, their phone and hand held devices to find almost all their needs online. From work. From home. They shop, research, and order almost anything online. The internet is the new yellow pages, and the library, all in one. If you are not online, you are missing most of the new business in your field.

If your website is not on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will get little to no traffic. You need to be top of the fold to get the most traffice and that is position 1 - 5. You need to have the majority of the search terms in these positions.
Don't go unnoticed any longer!

Your web site is your business card, company brochure, and in some cases your entire business entity.
It is also your most efficient form of advertising.
Compare a web site to other forms of advertising, The internet out performs them all.
  • Radio and TV: Cost thousands per month. Results are intangible. A few customers may mention your ad, 30 seconds getting them to remember more than one selling point about your business it tough to do. Production costs for a single ad, can exceed the cost of web site .
  • Daily Newspaper: Retention is good for a day, a few days maximum.
  • Magazine: A single ad could easily exceed the price of a web site, and is buried among the articles that may not even fit your customers demographics.
  • Specialty publications like Real Estate guides have all your competition surrounding you, and send prospects to the listing agency, not directly to you. Having a web site that is advertised in the publication will dive business directly to you.
  • A web site will out perform all other forms of advertising in the long run. If you market your web site correctly, you will have a useful marketing tool to help current customers take advantage of your products and services. But, like any form of advertising your web site should be kept current and relevant. Web site marketing is one of our specialties. To find out more please see our SEO Marketing page and About Us page.

Marketing plan:

Our background is based in advertising and marketing. We have extensive experience in all forms of advertising, and marketing consulting. Business Services Consulting started as a marketing consulting firm in 1992. see our About us page to learn more about our history and services.

Your consultant should not serve you and your competitors. Objectivity - Honesty - Loyalty are the traits you should expect from your consultant.

WE DO NOT accept any competing business for the area you serve, if you have an SEO contract with us.

Try to get that from any other SEO consultant or web developer.




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