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What is a database driven or dynamic web site and why should care?
What kind of web site should you invest in?
Database driven Web sites are the future but are they search engine friendly?

Database web sites are dynamic, this means they easily can change, as your business changes.
Database web sites also can provide content from outside sources.
Our real estate web sites draw the whole NNEREN
Database of over 30,000 properties and place them on your web site!
If you sell a product and your inventory changes,
Database web sites let you put your new items online and remove dead stock in seconds.

Simply put a database allow you to generate pages for your website on demand.
As in NNEREN based real estate web sites instead of have 30,000 actual pages to build and change
every time a listing comes on the market or goes off the market all you have to do is update the database and
all the changes happen automatically.

The most important thing to know is how to get all the dynamic pages indexed in Google or Yahoo, and even more important
if they are found by them how will they classify them. Will they know that it is a home for sale in Manchester NH or will it think it
is item 45093862.

This is where our powerful PHP custom code enters the picture. Our Software will fill in the page title, description, and keywords for every
listing, or item in an ecommerce store. So Google and Yahoo know exactly what it is and it will show up when it is searched for.


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