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In business Image is everthing.
It is the percption of your business that becomes its reality

Your web site is your business card, company brochure, and in some cases your entire business intity.
It is also your most efficient form of advertising.
Compare a web site to other forms of advertising, The internet out performs them all.

Radio and TV: Cost hundreds to thousands per month. Results are intangible. Few mention your ad, because 30 seconds later they can't remember more than one selling point about your business. Production costs for a single ad, can exceed the cost of web site .
Daily Newspaper: Good for a day, a few day maximum.
Magazine: A single could easily exceed the price of a web site and is buried among the articles that may not even fit your customers demographics.
Specialty publications like Real Estate guides have all your competition surrounding you.

A web site will out perform all other forms of advertising in the long run, if you market it correctly. Like any form of advertising your web site should be kept current and relevant. Web site marketing is one of our specialties. to find out more please see our S.E.O. Marketing page and About Us page.


How much should you invest on a web site?
this depends greatly on the type of business you are planning to operate on the internet.
Our web sites start at $2000.00 for am image site and some are in the tens of thousands.
Yes, you can find web sites on the internet for 49.00 and 5.00 per month to host them, but
If you try to find any of these sites using a search engine, well good luck. If you want to make changes, or
have something special done to make it fit your goals, well good luck again. We offer advice from the
beginning to the completion of your site, and most importantly we support your site for years to come.

S.E.O. Marketing:
What is S.E.O. Marketing? S.E.O. Marketing is search engine optimization and web site marketing. This is the key to having a successful web site. If your site cannot be found through the major search engines, than your existing and potential customers will not be able to find your web site. the key to successful web site marketing is in the keywords that relate to your business. keywords what people type in a search engine to look for your kind of business. they are critical and should be chosen carefully. also other important factors are the title for your web site and its description, both are major factors in how a search engine will rank your site. for more details and helpful hints see our S.E.O. Marketing page.

Marketing plan:

our background is based in advertising and marketing. We have extensive experience in all forms of advertising, and marketing consulting. Business Services Consulting started as a marketing consulting firm in 1992. see our About us page to learn more about our history and services.

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