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S.E.O. (search engine optimization) & Web Marketing
for NNEREN, VREIN and MLSpin Realtors.
and any other business that wants to rank well in Goolge or Yahoo!

If your web site can't be found, why bother having one!

Do not confuse this advice with pay per click or any kind of paid advertising.
Those who say they can make you number one in a few hours or days are doing
what you can do for yourself, by sponsored advertising on all the major search engines.

If you want to be on the first page of the search results, you will need to do the following steps.
and create a Marketing Plan to promote your web site on the Internet.

Search engine optimization and web site marketing requires a clear understanding who your customers are and a marketing plan for your business to reach them on the web. This is the key to having a successful web site. If your site cannot be found through the major search engines, than your existing and potential customers will not be able to easily find your web site. Successful web site marketing is in the keywords that relate to your business.(Jargon Alert! Keywords what people type in a search engine to look for your kind of business.) They are critical and should be chosen carefully.
If you were looking for a used car in the classified section of the local newspaper you would not look in the employment section to find one. You would look in the Used Cars section. So if your website shows up in the search engines but, not in place where your customers are trying to find you, then it is worthless.

So do you know what terms people are using to find your website? Most have a guess, but that is not good enough. There are tools that can help, Google offers a tool to help you decide what keywords to use when buying pay per click advertising know as Google Adwords. give it a try. You will see that it reveals some indications of what words are more popular than others. A better tool is located at Wordtracker. Wortracker shows the numbers of searches for a general term and many of the associated expanded terms. You can use thier Free Keyword Selector Tool or to get better results if you are looking to try and do your own SEO you really need to use the full version, there is a free trial version of Wordtracker available.(this is a secret so don't tell anyone, Wordtracker is one of the most common ways consultants determin your keywords.) But remember Gargage in = Garbage out! As i mentioned before this tells you how many searches are done for kewords,(not including all the searches on the free tool, just Yahoo results) but it does not tell you that these are the correct keywords to result in the highest nuimber of converstions ( Jargon Alert! conversions are the ratio of visitiors to your site to customers, a purchaseer of your goods or services).

Once you have your keywords in mind then you must create your web site with Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) techniques as part of the design.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

If a web site is not prepared with search engines in mind, the chances of it doing well are slim. Careful planning should take place at the time of designing your web site.

First: Consideration of the file names for each page in the web site should be focused on search terms that you hope will do well in a search engine. since we offer seo tips to NNEREN members,
An example of this, is the name of this page:
If someone types in a search engine the terms of "seo" or "search engine optimization NNEREN" the url of this page contains the same terms, and this builds relevance for this page. To see what i mean, click here to see it in action at Goolge. In fact this may even bee how you found our site on the Internet.

Second; the page itself contains the search terms in the content of the page in the first 100 words that are seen by the search engine. This will be a keyword for search engine optimization. (Jargon: search terms are called keywords)

Third: Your site should have the proper meta tags in place. This is where search engines look for the title of the web site or web page and where it will find a brief description about the content, and the keywords that the site should be indexed into.

Fourth: The code that is written should be clear and clean with our mistakes. broken links, and sloppy code, will result in a dysfunctional website and is a killer to spiders. (Jargon: spiders or robots, are programs that visit your site and retrieve information for search engines to use to index your website.) Use of web development tools can assist in finding bad tags and other code issues that will not break the site, but may hinder spiders from completing the job of visiting all the pages in your site.

Fifth: Images on your website should have an alt tag that reflects a description of the image.
to see an alt tag place your mouse over the image here.
Notice 2 things that will help with search engines, first the alt tag describes the image and second the file name matches the image content . To see the file name right click the image and click properties.
alt tags are important

This means the information on the page REALLY needs to be focused on the search terms related to it. Adding the search terms in to fill the page with search terms and hope to be ranked for terms is called search engine Spamming.


This is only the beginning of what you ned to do to make a website do well in the search engines. There are many more rules that will need to be followed to achieve success.

The main point is a template, fill in the blanks type website will never do well. This why we only offer custom designed web sites focused on the needs of your business. With our understanding of advertising and marketing, your business will have a clear advantage over others who do take the importance of marketing plan seriously. for more about our marketing background see our about us page.


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