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Services provided with our SEO contract.


A client with and SEO contract enjoys and exclusive for the main search terms selected, and a market exclusive for the area the client serves.
BSC will not with contract any competitors for any of our services including any web sites regardless if SEO is or is not requested for them. At any time the client decides to no longer use our SEO services and discontinue the contract, BSC will no longer hold any exclusive rights for the client, and may at its discretion create an agreement within the market with a competitor for a website and SEO services.

This is an overview of what you can expect for the contracted services we will provide. Due to the competitive nature of this business not all of what we will do is revealed here.

As explained on our marketing and other pages once we have established the target market for your site. Also, expressed as keywords in search engine terms, we need to implement the marketing plan

The marketing plan involves one time tasks and ongoing tasks.

One time tasks.

Initial task list. performed over the first 3 months of the SEO contract. The reason this is done of a period of 3 months is Google and other search engines, may consider your site to be a "SPAM" site if it is to aggressively marketed.

Submit your site to major internet directories.

The first is submission to the Open Directory Project or OPD. Google relies on this directory to establish if a site is legitimate because all sites submitted are reviewed by an administrator who is a volunteer and he/she determines of your site matches the description you gave it and if it is submitted to the correct category of the directory. It can take weeks before your listing will appear, so it needs to be done as soon as the site is completed. There is no charge for the submission by OPD.

The second submission is to the Yahoo! directory. No only does Yahoo! relay on this directory but so do many smaller search engines like AOL,, Placement costs $250.00 per year and is an additional fee that in not included in our contract fee. We setup the submission but your credit card must be used to cover the fee.

The submission process will continue for months including sites like alexia, aol search, plus many more but each is a task that needs to be done once.

Ongoing Tasks.

If you notice i did not mention Google yet. Here is why. Google is handled very differently, and is considered an ongoing task.
Google accounts for over 60% of all searchers on the Internet, so we have to place most of our efforts in achieving high ranking on them.

First Google analytics will be added. This encompasses the insertion of the Urchin Tracker Code and the configuration of site paths and conversion settings.
Urchin Tracker will give us daily reports on how the site is accessed, navigated,what pages are effective and what pages are not. Urchin tracker will also tell us what keywords were used to find the site and what page they entered the site and what page they left the site.
This information is critical to understanding how the site is being used and if we are losing visitors because of confusing navigation,or non relevant content.

The site will also be put in the Web tools area of the BSC account to submit a site map directly to Google, and it will give us Diagnostics of web crawl errors which will show if any pages are not getting read correctly, not found, url's not followed, what is restricted by the robots.txt file,any time outs for pages, and unreachable pages. It will tell us if there are any issues with mobile crawl which is done by Google to index your site for cell phones, and pda use.

There are to many reports to explain here but this is the correct area to inform Google about your web site. and needs to be checked on at least once a month to see the progress of how Google sees your site.

What it will not do, is tell you how you are ranking in the index, of Google or any other search engines. But since it gives the keywords used to find your site it gives us useful information as to how your site is perceived. When time allows i will write a page about the long tail ( niche) keywords and why they are important.

Real Estate websites are treated different than other websites by Google. I believe that since most of the content for a real estate website is drawn from the MLS the issue of duplicated content comes into play. To get results you need to have a good marketing plan, and that takes time. You also need original content on the homepage and others to offer some uniqueness and help get you moved up quickly.
To get seen in a matter of hours you can purchase pay per click advertising call AdWords. This can be an affordable way to get results quickly, and since it is the main source of revenue for Google it is not surprising that there is a delay before you show up.

The good news is Yahoo, MSN,LIVE all index very quickly and you can start to see traffic in the first couple of months if all is done correctly.

Getting other web sites to link to yours is very important. Google uses this as a measure of the popularity of your website and measures it in a scale
of 1-10 called PageRank. If you install Google Tool bar on your browser you can see the page rank displayed for all sites. The rank you see here is
a good indicator of what google thinks of your page but many experts debate if it is the actual rank used to index the page. You can see pages with low
pageRank above ones with a higher page rank in many search results. I believe this is because the PageRank in the tool bar is not tied to the relevancy of the
search term used.

The other ongoing tasks are evaluation of search engine propositioning. This is more of an art than a science, but we do have some tools to aid in the quest to
be in the top10 results for the Keywords we choose to attempt to do well in. Notice i don't say our goal should be to be #1. This is unreasonable to expect that if
there are hundreds of thousands of millions of pages competing for the keywords we are going for that we will get the #1 position. The fact that I have attained the #1
for some of the keywords targeted for all of my clients is to lauded, but it is not guaranteed.

What will be done monthly is the following reports will be generated. Top 10 placement report, how those sites compare to your. each report is generated based on a keyword, not the web sites. An Optimization report for the target keyword will be done to see if the top sites have made any changes. Content will be updated on your site
to stay ahead of the curve. The goal is to give the search engines a reason to rank you above everyone else, and what they want is content content content. They want to see better and newer information than the leading sites offer.

So you may not be aware of the fact that a website needs to have "landing" pages. Your home page cannot be all things to all keywords. You need pages focused on the keywords themselves. when in the search results you see the same site listed 2 times in a row the second listing that is indented is normally your home page but the one above it is the page chosen to match the keyword used. This is called the landing page.
So we have to be concerned about more than just the home page to be successful. Eventually if everything is done correctly Google will index your site to include Site links. This means Google will generate additional links for your site to help people go directly to the content they think is relevant. an example is if you search burlington vermont real estate you will see our site for Mike Gannett Burlington Vermont Homes as #1 with links shown below his description to reflect his Site links.

Other ongoing tasks will be:

  • Building a Directory of links to Local and National sites that will be willing to exchange links with us.
  • Create new content based on analysis of stats derived from the multiple reports generated monthly, to attempt to achieve better ranking in more keywords than the initial ones chosen.
  • Create niche sites. these are new web sites used to drive traffic to the main site or to achieve results for a specific search term

Please contact us for details on costs, any questions you may have about our SEO services.



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