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E-Takeout By B.S.C.

Currentlu\y, very few restaurants or delis offer internet based takeout ordering, and
not many customers have tried it. That is sure to change!
Will your restaurant be one of the first in your area to offer online takeout service? Or will you miss the opportunity?
See it Live in action at Jake's deli in Jake's Market.

Restaurants customers can go online and easily place an order for pick or delivery
and it will print out at your location without anyone having to do a thing.

It is easy to use. There is NOTHNG you or your employees have to do to receive an order.
This is a High Tech solution to the problem of how to get untrained personnel to
be able receive online orders. All they have to do is pick up the order out of the printer!

Orders include all information they need.
If a customer orders a sandwich they will chose
  • The meat,
  • The condiments,
  • The veggies,
  • The bread,

Customers can come to pick it up , or have it delivered.

Increase your sales in 3ways!

Eliminate long lines at the order counter. Lines force some customers on a tight schedule to leave and go to a fast food chains.

Sell More Product! If one person is ordering from work they are inclined to also order for their fellow employees. (use of promotions can be targeted to encourage this.)

Reduce Time spent taking phone orders. Phone time is cut dramatically by encouraging customers to order on line with specials and promotions only available via online ordering. Less time employees spend on the phone means more time producing product for service.


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